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On the southern flank of the Dois Irmãos Bay (a 10-minute walk from the northern slope of Ribeira d’Ilhas) we find the Cave.

This threatening right has only recently started to be surfed, having gained notoriety in recent years due to its spectacularity. It is extremely radical, tubular and risky. With an angle of the coast still facing south, it breaks over a reef plate that does not connect with land, located at very little depth. The suction of water from the bottom of the wave towards its top is so intense that this part below the water line – hence the name -, with the tube that forms there to become progressively more hollow, wide and flat as the wave approaches the end. The Cave is only intended for experienced and technically advanced surfers, and even these are advisable to use protections.

  • Wave type – ast right, tubular, shallow and very dangerous
  • Bottom Type – reef
  • Tide conditions – high tides
  • Waving conditions – NO/N
  • Wind conditions – from SE to NE
  • Consistency +
  • Surf angle – 27º
  • Surf line length – 30 to 70 meters
  • Wave height – 1 to 2.5 meters
  • Type of surf – plunge / bottom
  • Practice level BOOK 7 – surfers able to complete, with control and fluidity, different combinations of the 7 maneuvers on the same wave and be at ease under water in powerful waves of at least 4 meters.


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Cave - World Surfing Reserve Ericeira

54 reviews

Adriana Sousa

3 years ago

Eugen Stan

3 years ago
Impressive! The area is extraordinary for surfing but also for those who want to admire an impressive "work" of nature.

Paulo Henriques

5 years ago
Mais um local espetacular para surf da Reserva Mundial de Surf, no flanco sul da Baía dos Dois Irmãos

Valentin Vieriu

11 months ago
Walking those cliffs offers amazing views