São Lourenço

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Leaving the Dois Irmãos Bay, and walking north for a few minutes, we will find Praia de São Lourenço, located in a large bay, about 1.2 km wide.

Next to its center, about 300 meters from the beach, is the last of the waves that make up the Reserve. These rights start on a rocky plateau, forming fast waves and with a lot of water, due to the peak being located at a considerable distance from the beach. The São Lourenço wave is normally surfed at half tide and needs N / NO swells, associated with wind from the east quadrant.

Wave type – powerful right with several sections and which receives larger undulations
Bottom Type – rocks, sand and reef
Tide conditions – half tide
Waving conditions – O / NO
Wind conditions – from SE to NE
Consistency ++++
Surf angle – 50º
Surf line length – 50 to 150 meters
Wave height – from 0.5 to 4.5 meters
Type of surf – progressive / plunge
Practice level BOOK 7 – surfers capable of executing S curves and junction floaters and withstanding falls on powerful waves of up to five feet.


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São Lourenço - World Surfing Reserve Ericeira

52 reviews

Adriana Sousa

10 months ago
Excellent beach, beautiful, great for walking, swimming. It has a restaurant, and a bridge. Good for the whole family, in addition to the extensive beach.

Paulo Henriques

4 years ago
The northernmost spot in the Ericeira World Surfing Reserve, located at the northern end of Praia de São Lourenço