Ribeira d’Ilhas

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500 meters to the north is the most popular wave of the Reserve, on the beach that is considered the “visiting room” of Portuguese surf.

Located in a valley where a stream flows, its geographical configuration is that of a natural amphitheater, ideal for holding events. It is not by chance that the first national and international championships held in Portugal took place here. Ribeira d’Ilhas is a long pointbreak right (the waves follow the shoreline) that receives all types of waves and works at all tides, being the most consistent wave in the region. With W / NO undulations Ribeira d’Ilhas can provide rights of up to 200 meters in length. It is a very valuable and competitive wave, as it allows the most different levels of approach on the part of surfers.

  • Wave type – long right
  • Bottom Type – rocks and reef
  • Tide conditions – all tides
  • Waving conditions – all waves – ideal conditions with O / NO
  • Wind conditions – from any quadrant – ideal conditions from SE to NE
  • Consistency +++++
  • Surf angle – 55º
  • Surf line length – 150 to 300 meters
  • Wave height – 0.5 to 3.5 meters
  • Type of surf – progressive / plunge
  • Practice level BOOK 7 – surfers qualified to perform take-offs from the side, in a single movement, to the right and to the left, in non-bursting waves, and with the ability to withstand falls in powerful waves of up to one meter.


Google Reviews

Ribeira d'Ilhas - World Surfing Reserve Ericeira

4.88 reviews

Jotune Jotune

11 months ago
Stunning beach... With walking trails around... Support area with an excellent restaurant... Surf school and bar with a very pleasant terrace

Manuel Peixoto

a year ago
It is the most popular beach in the parish of Ericeira and the most popular among surfers, and is famous for being the stage for surfing competitions on the world circuit. It is a beach that is supervised during the bathing season. It is equipped with a set of equipment that provide excellent conditions for bathers. Next to the parking lot, there are bars that are open all year round, due to the movement of surfers. The rocky substrate under the water develops straight waves, ideal for surfing, and is even the chosen spot for hosting one of the stages of the World Surfing Championship.

Paulo Henriques

a year ago
The beach of choice for beginners in surfing. Probably one of the best right waves in Europe

teresa rodrigues

a year ago
Beautiful! It is wonderful to still be able to walk in an area without much human intervention and with a wild landscape, next to the sea.

Teresa Alexandre

a year ago
A place where you can enjoy the sea sitting down to eat a nice lunch, where you can walk, surf or simply soak up the sun and sea.